Building your brand throughPR campaigns & sponsorships

Public relations (PR) is all about brand positioning, creating a desirable reputation and generating word-of-mouth recommendations. We tell the story of your brand to engage with your audience and raise your profile.

We work closely with our clients to create short and long-term PR campaigns, carefully planning online and offline activities that will provide brand exposure while engaging with the target audience. We investigate and establish the best PR opportunities for your brand, from sponsorships and events through to media liaison and the development of case studies and blogs.

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Press officeCampaigns

Securing online and print media coverage helps you reach a wider audience, raising awareness of your company and its specialisms. We provide a press office function and can work as an extension of your own marketing team. Running a media campaign around a company announcement, product launch, or event will generate interest in your brand.

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Case studies & Recommendations

Word-of-mouth recommendations encourage others to engage with a brand. We develop testimonials and case studies which highlight positive brand experiences, telling a story from the customers perspective. Case studies are an ideal PR tool and can be used across a variety of marketing platforms.

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Aligning your business with relevant and high-profile events or individuals will help to raise the profile of your brand. We can investigate opportunities and look to secure you the best sponsorship packages. We also manage the PR elements relating to the sponsorship including media liaison, branding, brand experiences, blogging and social media.

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