Adam Allaker | 23-03-20

Surrey Creative wish all our valued staff, customers and friends good health at this challenging time. We are open for business as normal; projects are going ahead as scheduled and we continue to support our clients as they try to adapt to this new challenging business environment.

We are assisting business to offer more of their services online where possible and helping clients to make the most of available technology to stay connected with their clients remotely.

Some clients are taking the opportunity of quieter business activity to focus on renewing their websites where they perhaps would have struggled to dedicate enough time to a new website project while they were open for business as usual. This is a great idea, when the world gets back to normal it will be the businesses that have focused on making sure their websites and digital marketing are as strong as possible who will bounce back the quickest and strongest.

While the world seems to be going a little crazy right now, lets look after each other and get prepared to make the most of the opportunities when it’s all over.

Stay strong.