Adam Allaker | 29-10-21

As what can only be described as an exceptional year, for both good and bad reasons, starts to draw to a close we have barely had the time to breathe recently. There continues to be huge demand for website design services from our Surrey based businesses as we emerge from the pandemic. Surrey Creative has been flat out designing and building bespoke WordPress websites for a wide variety of clients across all sectors.

Positive Signs For The Economy

In the past few months we have created websites for Wedding Venues and Hotels with more booked in for the new year which is a strong sign that the events industry is once again in full swing. We have also been busy with Architects and House builders and this is a sector of the economy that is currently going from strength to strength.

Looking ahead we are set to be very busy with some exciting projects for Surrey Tourism and Investment bodies as we create new online identities for The Surrey Hills Tourism Board and Invest In Surrey.

Looking Ahead to 2022

What will the market bring in 2022? It’s hard to say at this point but with strong forward order bank for the new year already taking shape it would appear that the economic recovery will continue into next year as more and more businesses look to improve their digital presence.

One trend we are seeing is that businesses have had to adapt and change their traditional offering to cater to a new post-pandemic market. This is then feeding into the need to re-create their online presence as they look to tap into new or alternative markets moving forwards. At Surrey Creative we are well placed to assist businesses in this position as we have vast experience in creating websites for a wide variety of industries and business sectors. If your business requires assistance with a new or improved online presence. Contact Us today.