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Adam Allaker | 07-8-2018

The aim of both traditional and digital agencies is to enhance a client’s reputation and increase awareness/visibility among target audiences, often to generate sales. If target audiences are now operating online, digital agencies who operate within this space have the upper hand right away and it is difficult to argue the effectiveness of a traditional agency approach anymore.

It's not just a case of operating online though. Digital PR agencies understand that the way people consume information online provides crucial data to successfully inform content creation and placement, providing targeted campaigns that consistently deliver increased visibility among target audiences. 

You could, I suppose, argue that no agency is completely traditional any more - they can't afford to be - and most 'traditional' PR agencies now dabble in digital and offer the service as an add-on to their traditional methods.

What sets a true digital PR agency apart from a traditional PR agency however is their treatment of the digital sphere as not just an add-on, but an in-depth and up-to-date knowledge of online - something that is now fundamental to the success of any PR campaign.

Our Five Takeaways

  • PR agencies have adapted to meet the needs of clients whose target audiences now consume their information online.
  • It is much harder to measure traditional PR activity than digital PR activity.
  • Digital agencies operate in the space where people consume information, and therefore almost by default are running away with the prize. Importantly, they understand this online space, and its ever changing rules too.
  • Digital PR is data-led, which means it is informed and targeted and ultimately more effective in reaching key audiences and raising an brand's visibility.
  • Digital PR is not something you can simply add on to a traditional PR strategy, it is now fundamental to the success of any PR campaign.

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